Thursday, December 4, 2014

Review and Feedback

Before taking this class, I didn’t have taken any classes in a similar discipline so my understanding for Organizations is more from my extra-curricular experiences, and after taking this classes, I am able to use what I learn from class to practice outside of classroom, and whenever I am having insights about organizations, it will pop up when I am studying for this course too. That is the best part I like about this class, which is I can apply it to myself and the knowledge is really useful.

Then about the Excel HW, I think the professor really puts a lot of effort into it. He always writes introduction of topics and variables, and some instructions to help I understand the topic. I also like graphs in the Excel HW because it really visualize and easier for me to understand. I usually read the descriptions and then do the questions. Sometimes, when the HW is a little bit hard, I read twice and then to do the homework. I believe the videos for a couple of homework really helps, so maybe that is something professor could think of continuously doing.

For the blog post, I am not sure if I did a great job on it or not, but that is the best part I like about this class. It is the reflective process that I get to link what I learned from class, from the lecture books and from my extra-curricular experiences together, and professor will give feedbacks each week. I usually write it in later week, because I want to make sure I get better knowledge after our Thursday’s class, where usually the professor will talk about Excel HW. I usually read the questions on Monday and thought about some examples in mind, and when I think of something good, I write it. As the professor mentions in the class, we are beneficial from small classroom teaching because if it is bigger class, we might not get to gain benefits from getting feedback so frequently. Most of the time, I learn a lot from the feedback professor write, but there are a few times, I was hoping to get more feedback from the blog post. There were also time I hope to have a face-to-face conversation about blog post too. Basically, I really wish to keep the conversation going on the blog post sometimes, though I understand the extra time and energy putting there might be huge.

Lastly, I just want to give some personal opinions about this course. Firstly, I really like the way professor teaches and some of stories he told explain a lot for his theory. This is the part where I get to understand better for the theory. But I am thinking maybe if sometimes the professor can make a summary for the topics at the beginning or at the end of the course, it might be more organized and better for us to understand the topic. I believe a lot of times the professor has done it, and I found it pretty helpful, which is why I want to bring it up here. Secondly, I personally think it would be more beneficial if we could do some case studies about real companies some point during the semester, such as their strategies and their different organizations, because by implementing that way, we will understand deeper and better. Lastly, I missed the deadline for signing-up for the research extra credit, but I do believe that is a good way to test how much we learned and get deeper understanding on topics too, as well as to learn how to draft a research. And I would personal prefer to do presentations on that too, but I am not sure if it would fit for the size of class. Or maybe group presentation, because I was hoping to have more interactions from other students in the class, and get to know more about them. Overall, I really like this class, and I think I learned a lot from it. Thank you for giving us a chance to write feedbacks and review. It is like you are being a “broker” person in our class organization.


  1. The suggestions you've mentioned echo what other in the class have said. But in total what you have is too much - either some case studies or the extra credit paper, but not both. As I told another student, I haven't taught with the case method before, so I would need to get some primer on that myself before introducing it into the class.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the class as is. You joined it a bit late but caught up and got into the flow that way. But I don't recall you talking up much in class. So I'd ask you, how might I get more class participation going when we do discuss the blog posts? It seems to me there really wasn't that much back and forth in the live session.

  2. Thank you so much for the feedback. I apologize that I didn't reply back during the weekend. I was in the hospital for the whole weekend because my roommate got sick.
    When I suggesting about extra credit or case studies, I definitely mean either of it. There is no way to do both of it. It will be too much.
    I think the way to get students more active during the discussion of blog post part could be asking students to read each other's post, and comment each other's post, which you intend to do at the beginning of the semester, so it would be easier to open up conversation. Or even you could recall some of the great examples, and let the student share during the class. That is just my personal opinion, and you could definitely ask more students about it. Thank you again for the great class!